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Our team is at the forefront of innovation, we blend our creative award-winning know-how with our expert technical experience to create masterpieces. At our core, we are collaborators, working with our clients, to take business ideas from concept to launch and beyond.

Sam’s Club engaged with Bohemian Innovation via Sapient Agency to deliver an interactive real time game. An installation at the biggest trade show for Sam’s Club associates. The game was not only a success but a huge draw for gaining interest in the Sam’s Club Credit space. Interactive installation in Orlando, Florida went off with a mega fullscreen 20 feet by 20 feet display.

Interactive Real-Time Game

Drone insurance at its core, Bohemian Innovation worked with Precision Autonomy with multiple contributions from product ideation and development to engineering services and technical advising. All done in an effort for the company to establish product market fit in their category. A truly innovative company with the future at its fingertips, drone insurance management tools at scale on a global level.

Insurance for the emerging drone market takes flight

There are many times when clients engage with us due to unforeseen circumstances with their technical partners. This happens more often than not during the growth stages of a company. Choice Payment Services needed a 3rd party evaluation of existing codebases and help selecting new offshore partners that can deliver a product that requires a high level of both security and uptime.

Technical Partner Evaluation for Choice Payment Services

Text to Vend was an interactive experience with high engagement. The concept was simple - text to get a code, redeem the code via the number keypad on the vending machine, voila chocolate milk! Bohemian Innovation developed and printed the appropriate PCB boards and additional hardware to allow for code redemption and code validation. Along with great dashboard analytics. Dairy Farmers of Canada created an engaging campaign with a success moving vending machines around the country - popping up with fresh milk.

Dairy Farmers of Canada

A women first platform for the future of connected devices for products geared towards post birth beginning with breast-feeding. Creating a product that is meaningfully built with the mother in mind - from idea through to several iterations of product research, development and working closely with business, design, engineering, hardware and firmware teams we worked with Moxxly through to acquisition from one of the biggest providers in the space - Medela.

Improving modern motherhood through seamless IoT assistance.

An IoT connected device when we sleep. Imagine sleep assistance with slight changes from a device so useful, the United States Military is engaged in using the device for training purposes. Optimized sleeping is incredibly important. Bohemian worked on iOS, Firmware and Backend services to help get the product to the next milestone between fundraising rounds.

Revolutionizing Sleep: Bohemian's Contribution to an IoT Connected Device

Health Tech is burgenoing space with many opportunities for innovation. One of those spaces is preventive at home health care. Rather than wait for an emergency, engage through thoughtful questioning and flagging of potential high risks, preventive care. Seems obvious but the execution at scale still does not exist. Roster was a blend of Harry Saag’s product - the now National Medical Director of Walgreens Virtual Health Care.

Pioneering Preventive At-Home Health Care in the Burgeoning Health Tech Space

In Lieu of a gift please donate to a non-profit with a core and mission near to my heart. That was the simplicity and the core of the inLieu platform. A mobile iOS/Android experience with a Venmo feel. We were brought on to advise and guide Kathy Terry and team to navigate the mission while getting to product market fit. From product and design thinking to advising on engineering development.

Simplifying Non-Profit Donations with Mobile Experience

We were brought in to advise on a very important non-profit mission. Help kids get up and move. The Marathon Kids team leaned into our extensive background in distance and movement tracking along with engagement to look at the long horizon of optimizing for the sustained future of a non-profit organization. We advised on frontend and backend architecture in an effort to to help the organization rebuild an architecture and system that will scale on a national level.

Marathon Kids' Journey to Sustainable Non-Profit Growth

Do you dream about games? Playing with your friends? Real-time play is ubiquitous. During a rapid ideation, we developed real-time play using web-scokets and frontend experiences that allow multiplayer experiences. From Google Docs to Figma, life happens together in real-time. What are some other real-time, in motion, shared experiences that could be amplified with technology?

Real-Time Play: Amplifying Experiences with Technology

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What our clients think

We would not be where we are today without the team over at Bohemian.  Not only did they provide incredible development help from idea to Series A but the true value was in all the business guidance and intangibles they brought to the table to help us grow.

Eric, CEO Mobile TechRx

Lynette and her team are amazing. They took over our ugly and buggy iOS app that had been touched by many developers. In only five months, they turned the app into something beautiful and smooth and released it in the App Store. Throughout the process, they took ownership of the project, listened to our requirements and constraints, and were being very flexible with changing situations and challenges.  It truly felt like they were part of our team. As a small startup facing lots of challenges, Lynette and her team are a best partner one could ask for.

Biquan, CEO Lumos

"Lynette and the Bohemian Innovation team were incredible to work with. We needed our app to have a powerful design with intuitive functionality, and they knocked it out of the park!"

Jon Spillman, CEO ChopFit


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