Dynamic overload training

Will get your heart rate flying

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ChopFit was entering a competitive, crowded market space with a unique, first-of-its-kind product and program. To help launch the first fitness program based on chopping motions using a physical product called the ‘Chopper’, ChopFit wanted an application that could clearly and easily show how to use and work out with the Chopper for a full-body cardio and strength workout.

Endorsed and loved by professional athletes.

Udonis Haslem
Matt Judon
Estelle Johnson

The Challenge

We started with the client that had many more features and functions in the mobile app with a very limited budget. How do we make something simple and repeat. We collaborated and developed a beautiful, smooth, frictionless mobile experience and saved time and money.

What we did

We created a clear and simple design - a task involving a lot more complexity and thought than one might imagine - to ensure that users would be able to grasp the concept of ChopFit straight away and clearly understand how to use the Chopper.

The application design then helped set the tone for all touchpoints of ChopFit’s digital footprint. Working through design to development to AppStore submission, we launched V1 in January 2020 and we are continuing to work with ChopFit to further develop and build its brand.

We focused on capturing the core base of the mobile experience: a guide on how to use the Chopper and a range of workout circuits with varying degrees of difficulty.

Guided Workouts

Countdown. 1...2...3... GO.

ChopFit provides a full guided workout experience. Guiding the user through a full body workout. Not just a workout but a challenge. Get chopping.

Simply designed with the athlete in mind

ChopFit is built for the athlete in all of us. For those looking for a new and exciting way to get results. We created an iOS and Android app to bring the simplicity of the product to consumers on iOS and Android.

Built in Austin

ChopFit sales skyrocketed during covid and the company continues to thrive with group and corporate training programs. You can purchase with them directly or through Amazon.