We create digital products and experiences driving revenue for our partners through emerging technology applications

We are not just any agency, at Bohemian, we find success with our clients at the convergence of business, product and engineering. Leading with curiosity and collaborative innovation, we  bring dreams and future ideas to life

Embrace the Power of AI: Transforming Digital Experiences

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Create Innovative and Personalized Solutions

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Bohemian Innovation is an award-winning technology agency that delivers custom digital experiences to help organizations transform and grow.

With a focus on moving quickly and efficiently, Bohemian Innovation helps startups and Fortune 500 companies alike get to market with bespoke solutions that meet their unique needs.

With a deep understanding of product design and engineering, as well as expertise in emerging technologies like AR, blockchain, and AI, Bohemian Innovation takes ideas from concept to launch and beyond, creating impactful and innovative products across a wide range of industries.

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Emerging Technology

Bohemian Innovation is rapidly building application layers with Large Language Models (LLMs). We call this the LLM Application Stack.

We are developing new technology for customer and business facing application prototypes, upgrading systems and developing AI agents with LLMs across multiple domains and verticals. This is an exciting time to build and accelerate. Reach out to talk about your growth and acceleration with the help of LLMs and generative AI.

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What our clients think

We would not be where we are today without the team over at Bohemian.  Not only did they provide incredible development help from idea to Series A but the true value was in all the business guidance and intangibles they brought to the table to help us grow.

Eric, CEO MobileTechRx

Lynette and her team are amazing. They took over our ugly and buggy iOS app that had been touched by many developers. In only five months, they turned the app into something beautiful and smooth and released it in the App Store. Throughout the process, they took ownership of the project, listened to our requirements and constraints, and were being very flexible with changing situations and challenges.  It truly felt like they were part of our team. As a small startup facing lots of challenges, Lynette and her team are a best partner one could ask for.

Biquan, CEO Lumos

"Lynette and the Bohemian Innovation team were incredible to work with. We needed our app to have a powerful design with intuitive functionality, and they knocked it out of the park!"

Jon Spillman, CEO ChopFit


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We are passionate about building businesses with great people. Reach out and tell us about what you are working on. We work with clients and on occasion, we invest in exceptional operators and companies.

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