Ventures & Investments

We invest in operators and companies with aligned values and mission. We execute our established playbook with strategic purpose for our new companies. Together, with great people, we are not just investors, but partners that are vested in the success of the work we take on as an agency.

Initial Investment: 2011

An award winning, feel-good mobile app that empowers users to earn money for charity through everyday movement and workouts and allows employers and charities to engage with employees and constituents. All for a cause.

Initial Investment: 2014. Exit to Reparify.

MobileTechRx is built for the auto reconditioning space. Built from idea to exit. This is the auto conditioning app that technicians use to do business.

Initial Investment: 2021

Walking Meetings is built on a simple concept that has been around for millennia, touted by philosophers and fortune 500 CEOs alike. Walking and talking is not only good for the soul but great for productivity and creativity.

Initial Investment: 2022

AI is no longer emerging technology; it has been here for awhile touching the many aspects of our lives and word processing and writing is not any different. The FlowAI is taking the MAYA principle, Most Advanced Yet Acceptable,  in an effort to move us closer to AI assistant collaborative writing. Writers can stay in the flow with an AI assistant.

Initial Investment: 2019

AtomPay is part of the Atom brand of products that was born and built for simplifying the subtle art of getting paid. The primary pain point with so many gym owners and personal trainers and more generally freelancers is getting paid for your services. The focal point of so many individuals and freelancers.

Initial Investment: 2019

Atom was born from a desire to create a more thoughtful and user centric experience for the gym attendee and gym user. In a space dominated by one software maker, Atom set out to offer something different, simpler and more affordable.

Initial Investment: 2016

Heir is a music product where everyone wins. Well before it's time, rooted in crypto since 2016, Heir is a concept born out of getting artists paid and creating a listening experience like none other.

Initial Investment: 2021

Bzaar is a long term vision in the augmented reality space. At the intersection of geospatial experiences and AR, a world has been born with digital experiences. Bzaar is building the utility and function today for the hardware of tomorrow.

Let’s build together

We are passionate about building businesses with great people. Reach out and tell us about what you are working on. We take on clients and on occasion, we invest in exceptional operators and companies.