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services at scale

We build, scale and grow businesses with a multidisciplinary approach. We leverage our backgrounds to build and grow successful companies from prototyping to MVP to release. We thrive at the intersection of Business, Design, Product and Engineering services.

Mobile app development

Mobile App development is the centerpiece of Bohemian Innovation’s multi platform approach to develop and create business opportunities. We are an award winning agency creating businesses and products that have processed over $500 million in monetary transactions and 10+ billion in data transactions.

Android Development

iOS Development

React Native Development

Flutter Development

UI/UX Design

Making something simple is the most difficult task in design. To simplify, is to truly understand the art of UX and the polish of UI. We love to craft products and grow through iterations. We understand and appreciate that design is paramount when developing a digital product that evokes an appeal to a customer, user or client. Most users cannot ...

User Experience

Information Architecture


Mobile and Web Design


Great strategy goes a long way in the design and development process. We have a sound process to ensure we create the best product for the optimized resource spend. We are your partner and collaborator when it comes to capturing growth opportunities. Our product innovation process aligns us with the business needs of our clients ...

Research and Discovery


Product Strategy

Technology Strategy

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Web Development

Web continues to dominate and be an important point of entry to capture users. From SEO to web app development, we understand the importance of having a multi platform experience. Not everyone wants to use or download an app. Meet your customers where they are at.





Backend Development

We are AWS experts. We have been using and growing with AWS over 10 years before many of the AWS services existed. We build SOC2 compliant backend systems with robust architecture. Additionally we use Google Cloud Platform including but not limited to real time databases.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Google Cloud Platform (i.e. Firebase)

Microsoft Azure with Microsoft Teams

Architecture and Backend Database Management

Continue Integration & Development (CI/CD)

Extensive Integrations List - contact us to learn more

IoT and Beyond

We are engineers at heart. We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of possibility at the intersection of physical and digital spaces. IoT. We build tomorrow with our clients today with a focus on impact. From understanding new protocols and faster transactions (MQTT) and working with other disciplines in the firmware and embedded systems space, we thrive on the opportunity to touch the arc of the future. Join us in building the next ...


IoT / Connected Hardware

Blockchain Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Alexa/Google Home Automation

Interactive & Immersive Experiences

We use emerging technology to create transformative, interactive experiences that change the way people engage with your brand and products. With our multidisciplinary approach, we use our engineering and design thinking skills to dream up games and experiences. From custom vending machines to games for Fortune 50 companies ...

Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality (VR)

Emerging Technology

Customized Hardware

Interactive Games and IRL user interactive experiences

Analytics & Growth

Building is the easy part. We put our experience to work strategizing on the business of finding product market fit with our clients and partners. We specialize in Enterprise, B2B, product led growth startups, Consumer Applications and ecommerce experiences. We are business first and lead with a deep understanding of business and driving ROI on digital products across platforms and channels. We have ...

Analytics and Insights

Attribution Tracking

A/B Testing & Vendor Optimization

Email Client Setup

Vendors include: Localytics, Braze, Iterable, OneSignal, MixPanel, Klyavio, Mailchimp, AWS, Google Cloud and many others

Coaching & Code Auditing

We work directly with the CEO and C-Suite to unlock new potential and self actualization while understanding the existing blockers and pain points due to growth and maturation. Every company is in a constant state of change, especially through growth stage capital events. From interim CTO to pain points in the development process to new clients looking to build a team internally, we help the C-Suite ...

Interim CTO

Hiring and Vendor Selection

Code Audit

Engineering Process Evaluation & Feedback

Mindset Reset: Building with a curiosity focused mindset

What our clients think

We would not be where we are today without the team over at Bohemian.  Not only did they provide incredible development help from idea to Series A but the true value was in all the business guidance and intangibles they brought to the table to help us grow.

Eric, CEO Mobile TechRx

Lynette and her team are amazing. They took over our ugly and buggy iOS app that had been touched by many developers. In only five months, they turned the app into something beautiful and smooth and released it in the App Store. Throughout the process, they took ownership of the project, listened to our requirements and constraints, and were being very flexible with changing situations and challenges.  It truly felt like they were part of our team. As a small startup facing lots of challenges, Lynette and her team are a best partner one could ask for.

Biquan, CEO Lumos

"Lynette and the Bohemian Innovation team were incredible to work with. We needed our app to have a powerful design with intuitive functionality, and they knocked it out of the park!"

Jon Spillman, CEO ChopFit