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Atom enables fitness professionals, trainers & influencer-creators to manage, grow & monetize their community & content.

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What atom needed

Atom was developed internally from many ideations and the founders deep love of the fitness space. Clear gaps were seen in the market and legacy software that serves many fitness enthusiasts. Atom needed an end to end agency from idea, user research, LoFi conceptualizations into high fidelity design and development.

Their was a clear challenge presented in navigating the changing landscape of a product conceptualized pre-covid and understanding the broader changes in the market in a post-covid world. Atom needed agile adapters in a changing world with an acceleration of change.

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Person attending a yoga session on their laptop

How Bohemian helped

We quickly put the together an MVP and got the Atom platform in the hands of our business development team to get sales leads in front of fitness leaders. We also worked with user research to test how people would think about using the platform.

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Launching a product is easy, product market fit and making a simple product is difficult. We overcame this by reaching our audience through extensive user testing and research. We dug into the deep problems of our target demographic, hundreds of conversations, product design workshops and development. The data we collected was incorporated into a new playbook that we used to launch and iterate Atom and be more successful on launch and with future products.

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Atom Complete is now in beta with signups at