Austin's Favorite Cookies Delivered

Now in 100 locations across multiple states. The well-known and well-loved Tiff’s Treats is delivering freshly baked cookies to more people.

Tiff's Treats Cookies Store and Delivery Car


Tiff's Treats is focused on delivering a high-quality customer experience by leveraging technology to produce and deliver fresh, warm cookies quickly and efficiently.

$500 million+
company valuation (2021)
100+ stores
in eight states

Looks good, doesn’t it?
Checkout the Tiff’s Treats app and order some freshly baked cookies!

The Challenge

We wanted to capture the essence of Tiff's Treats branding, look and feel in a modern way. From the bow on the main page to evolving into video graphics, we continued working with a very tight timeline and we were able to roll out and execute iOS followed by Android.

What we did

We brought real time delivery tracking to a new consumer facing iOS and Android product. We built a product that will scale with the Tiff's Treats business as new locations are added and national expansion continues.

Intuitive and Quick Checkout

Quick checkout is a core function of the iOS and Android app.

Complex ordering made simple, dynamic menus based on location, new categories

Every location is a little different from what's in stock and available to pricing. We created dynamic product lists and work closely with their backend team to continue to support the build and scale of the product lines.

Real-time Delivery Tracking

In the age of many delivery apps, we wanted to be a standout hit with the Tiff's Treats concumsers. Real-time delivery notifications is no longer a nice to have but expected. We work closely with the driver delivery app to create a seamless real-time delivery experience on iOS and Android.

Transforming real-time delivery tracking

With many thousands upon thousands of deliveries and millions of cookies delivered, we provide up to the minute real-time tracking in the app with push notifications and alerts to help the user meet their delivery driver. A better cookie experience for everyone.

A Texas Landmark

Following the successful release of version 1, we continue to work with Tiff’s Treats to roll out future iterations of the app for both iOS and Android. We approach design and development with a revenue focus and engaging customer experience.