Austin's Favorite Cookies Delivered

Well-known and well-loved, Tiff’s Treats had developed a reputation for delivering freshly baked cookies within two hours that would need to be maintained through the app.

Tiff's Treats Cookies

What tiff’s treats needed

They had an established business model that the app needed to seamlessly work with. There were complex rules around food purchases, taxes, coupons, and other general business rules that applied to purchasing and scheduling product deliveries and pickup.

In addition to complexity, they needed the app quickly to meet demands of customers and investors. So we were tasked with a three month window from start to finish with approval in the AppStore to complete the iOS release.

How Bohemian helped

Working within all the parameters, we brought a fresh perspective on tackling the project to get it out on time while ensuring that the app’s UX stayed true to Tiff’s Treats brand and that its interface was fun, friendly, and easy to use.


what we did

We brought real time delivery tracking to a new consumer facing iOS and Android product. We built a product that will scale with the Tiff's Treats business as new locations


We wanted to capture the essence of Tiff's Treats branding, look and feel in a modern way. From the bow on the main page to evolving into video graphics, we continued working with a very tight timeline and we were able to roll out and execute iOS followed by Android.


Following the successful release of version 1, we continue to work with Tiff’s Treats to roll out future iterations of the app for both iOS and Android. We approach design and development with a revenue focus and engaging customer experience.

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