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Crafting tomorrow's climate control

Gradient makes homes and buildings more comfortable, with a new class of air conditioners and heat pumps that doesn't compromise on efficiency, comfort, or the environment.

What gradient needed

UI/UX Design, AWS setup and integration and AWS IOT, all software components from mobile to backend to admin dashboard. The nuances in between, from dev ops to collaborating with the hardware team. Gradient needed a strong leader on all things software with a team that could work with and understand the needs of the firmware and hardware team. A multidisciplinary approach to building a physical product.


How Bohemian helped

Gradient was one of a handful of companies to receive a share of a multi million dollar grant from the California Strategic Growth Council and brought Bohemian on board to help them with IOT integration for their first product: a low-emission, high-quality room air conditioner that would be provided to low-income and disadvantaged Californians.

what we did

The aggressive timeline sets the stage for moving quickly and truly knowing what is MVP and needed versus iterating in circles. We knew we had a go live deliverable external from the company. The deliverable was tied to a California grant and more importantly - people in low income communities that could benefit from having a low cost, high quality air conditioning unit, free of charge, to use in the hot months of summer (a summer that would later be plagued by wild fires).


With most IOT development, we can expect it to take 6-7 months, if not longer, to get from design to release. With Gradient, we had a timeframe of three months to connect the hardware, firmware and software for a fully functioning heating and cooling unit into a seamless solution.

It was a complex enough task as it was that would need to bring together several different disciplines of expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and system design. Throw on top of that, the project kick off occurred in the Spring of 2020 - right in the midst of a global pandemic that was shutting down cities, travel, and supply chains across the world.


We continue to move into versions of Beta with a full product launch 2022 in NYC and Bay Area, CA.

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