Person in a Charity Miles T-shirt getting ready to run

Move for a cause

As a keen marathon runner, Charity Miles Founder Gene Gurkoff had a brilliant idea to get corporate sponsors involved in people’s everyday workouts so that anytime someone went for a run, walk, or bike ride, they could earn money for a charity of their choice. Many case studies can be written on the evolution of Charity Miles over the last ten years.


App Downloads


Miles Moved

3 million

Dollars Raised

What charity miles needed

We have been working with Charity Miles since its inception, taking into account their business model and defining thoughtful features for their mobile app that consider the needs of both users and sponsors and ways to make it easy to spread the word to make a bigger impact.

what bohemian did

This involved creating a friendly, easy-to-use UI and designing features such as workout views which translates your miles into how much real-world impact you are having on your chosen charity and post workout views that you can share on social media. Users can create teams, check their stats, and as they rack up miles and engagements, they are rewarded with things like t-shirts and recognition on the app, website, and social media.

We also integrated the Walgreen’s Balance Rewards program so that users can connect their Charity Miles and Walgreen’s accounts to earn Walgreen’s Balance Rewards. We recently launched an employee engagement platform that serves Fortune 500 companies.


With a vested interest in Charity Miles, our biggest challenge is delivering a product that can continue to evolve with a changing eco system. Before pedometer tracking was ubiquitous and part of the iOS and Android ecosystem,  we wrote our own pedometer tracking based on the accelerometer.


From idea to present day, we. continue to adapt and ideate with a changing landscape of what it means to move. We have also been recognized by our peers.


Let’s build together

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